About us

Our Story

At Yupik, our goal is to combine years of experience in direct sourcing and manufacturing of high-quality products to provide you with ingredients & snacks that cater to your tastes. We carry an extensive organic and conventional variety of products, such as nuts, dried fruits, superfoods, snacks, mixes, candies, chocolate & cooking products. Our tenacity and ambition continues to make us grow and work harder every single day to offer quality ingredients and snacks that speak for themselves.

You’re invited to join our family, because your smile is our greatest reward!

Our Philosophy

Real relationships

Engaging a connection with our customers is highly important to us! We strive for the customer’s experience, both in our store and online, to be as fulfilling as possible. We aim to satisfy and leave customers happy to have spent their time with us.


Our team shares a clear vision of the type of products we choose. Our priority lies with consistently keeping up our reputation as a provider of high-quality products.

Uncompromising value

We do our best to offer the best prices! However, it is not always possible. We favour good ingredients and the best tasting products and don't believe in sacrificing quality for cheap market prices.


Our goal is to deliver quality products in an efficient and timely way. We ship across the country and right to your doorstep so you can begin enjoying your products as soon as possible.

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